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Managing director of Enhance Accountancy. Chartered Accountant. Helping UK businesses to grow and meet their financial reporting obligations since 2003.

How To: Enter a Payroll Journal onto Xero

A business has many expenses. In order to ensure that accurate and timely financial information is available to the business owner(s) or other management to assist with decision making and the tax estimation process, it is vital that these expenses are categorised correctly at the point of entry onto Xero (or any other bookkeeping system

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Increasing Sales: Generate more enquiries

In the first article in this series I looked at The 5 main ways to increase your sales figure. I discussed how, by increasing any of the 5 sales growth drivers, your business will start to increase its overall sales figure. In this article, I will explore the first sales growth driver, being ‘How can

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The 5 main ways to increase your sales figure

Every business is different and requires a different approach to increasing sales. However, by looking at each of the following 5 steps in the sales process separately, a business owner can identify ways to increase their sales figure in a systematic way: 1) Generate more enquiries 2) Generate more meetings from enquiries 3) Generate more

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Our big idea

Welcome to our new website which is home to our new and exciting brand “Enhance Accountancy“. Why the new branding? The Oxford Dictionary defines the word “Enhance” as to ‘intensify, increase or further improve the quality, value or extent of’ something. As a firm, our ongoing mission is to intensify, increase, further improve the quality

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