Our big idea

Welcome to our new website which is home to our new and exciting brand “Enhance Accountancy“.

Why the new branding?

The Oxford Dictionary defines the word “Enhance” as

to ‘intensify, increase or further improve the quality, value or extent of’ something.

As a firm, our ongoing mission is to intensify, increase, further improve the quality of life of business owners and their families in the United Kingdom. We also have a secondary mission to improve the lives of less fortunate others all over the world (more about that later).

We have developed a business growth framework called ‘The Numbers That Matter‘ which we have tried, tested, revised, tested & tweaked again and again over the years. However, only now are we opening it up as a formal part of our service offering. Our new ‘Enhance Accountancy’ brand brings our business persona in line with what we actually do on a day-to-day basis.

Since 2009, prior to Enhance Accountancy we have had two trading areas:

  1. G Salomon & Co  (which primarily dealt with clients who were local to our office – i.e. the traditional accountancy practice)
  2. e-ccountant  (which extended our accountancy and taxation services to business owners ‘online’ all over the UK – for whom we generally acted remotely)

In recent years, I came to notice an ever-increasing misalignment of what we actually do here and our philosophy compared to what our brands actually portrayed. Specifically, the local traditional accountancy branding (G Salomon & Co) portrayed thoughts of a autocratic, person focused ‘stuffy old accountant’. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We have a team of highly skilled individuals who make us what we are and help us to shape the firm – and i’m only 36, honest! (although I feel a lot older than when I started out on my own at 27).

Likewise, when I started e-ccountant in 2009, we were one of the early adopters to the ‘online accountancy’ model. Technology had improved a great deal and this enabled us to reach out to business owners all over the UK. There was a new market of business owners that, perhaps, did not entirely see the value of meeting their accountant in person as everything could be communicated remotely via email and post. At the time, the ‘online’ aspect of our offering was a great USP. It is less so nowadays of course. All accountancy firms, and most businesses in general for that matter, are expected to have an online presence with multiple online touch points for their clients.

Moving forward almost ten years to 2018… fewer and fewer business owners expect their accountant to be autocratic and focused on themselves. They don’t want to feel like they are ‘on the clock’ and feeling overly appreciative of taking up the head accountant’s precious time. Why should they?. The brand ‘G Salomon & Co’ provides no other information other than who owns the business and that it probably provides traditional accountancy and taxation services to local business owners. We are different. Over the years we have seen it all. We have built systems and processes that nurture and grow businesses effectively, resulting in a tangibly better quality of life for business owners and their loved ones. We differ from our local competition.

A quick search of Google today shows that there are hundreds of ‘online accountants’ in the market. “Great, more choice!” you might think. But the reality of the situation is that every additional accountant that lowered their fees in order to increase their client base was chipping away at the quality of their core services. Lower fees mean lower salaries, lower investment in technology and shortcut processes. This ultimately, and most importantly, results in a much lower quality of service for business owners. We have always differentiated ourselves in the market to avoid this cat and mouse game – however, our previous e-ccountant brand did not reflect how we differ from our nationwide competition.

Historically, there were also the obvious practical frustrations brought about by operating two separate brands which shared the same team, the same office, the same systems and were essentially doing the same thing. From remembering to check the VOIP telephone display to see which brand the caller was calling before answering, to selecting the correct email ‘from’ account in Outlook when writing to a client, to printing on the correct letterhead, to deciding what name should display on our clients’ bank statements when we collect our monthly payments via GoCardless. The list is endless.

The new ‘Enhance Accountancy’ branding has been developed to more accurately reflect who we are and the significant and positive impact we have on UK business owners – along with simplifying things for our team!

How does the new direction filter down into what we do?

Clarifications & improvements in how we help business owners include the following:

  1. We now offer business growth and quality of life improvement advisory services as standard. Click here for information.
  2. We have invested (and continue to invest) heavily in a top of the range client portal which allows us to streamline the accountancy compliance process through automatic client reminders for tax filing and payment deadlines, better data collection, document management and secure e-signing of engagement letters, final accounts and tax returns. All GDPR compliant (Oh no. I promised our team that I wouldn’t mention those 4 letters again!).
  3. We offer meetings and communications in any form… In person, via telephone, Skype, Zoom video conferencing, web chat, email or good old fashioned mail.
  4. Client meetings and catch ups can be automatically scheduled by clicking on the link in our team member’s email signature.
  5. We have collated a list of service level promises that we give to our clients (see near the bottom of this page).
  6. Our ‘Sensational Service Guarantee’ also holds us to account to ensure that our service does not fall short of sensational.
  7. We spread our clients’ investment in our services monthly throughout the year as standard – rather than in one large hit to their cashflow when the invoice is raised.

Doing ‘business for good’ – The bigger picture

As a firm and individually, we have always believed that we can do more to help others. We have given to charity at various points in our journey so far. However, in conjunction with our new branding, we have formalised how we, as a team, help others around the world who are less fortunate. We have tied in the B1G1 movement (which is all about like-minded businesses supporting the UN Global Goals, such as poverty, education & climate change) with the ‘Give and Get a Million’ initiative (which encourages accountants to tie in their great service with giving to charity).

Going forward, as a result, every time we produce a tax saving report, hold a business growth meeting or provide a free initial consultation to clients (where we provide them with a personalised action plan on tax savings and growth ideas), we also contribute our own money towards helping others worldwide.

Each of our team members have identified which UN global goal resonates with them and we then find an appropriate charity that helps to support that particular area of need. For example, in December last year, my wife gave birth to our fourth child. Around two hours after the birth she suffered significant complications and was rushed into surgery where she underwent a seven hour procedure which undoubtedly saved her life. So for me, the UN global goal of “Good Health and Wellbeing” (in particular – supporting charities that provide vital maternal care in impoverished areas of the world) resonates most with me.

You can view widgets on this page which shows who and where in the world we have helped so far.

Moving forward…

We are excited about our new brand and all of the associated improvements that come with our rejuvenated values. We hope that you are too.

Whether you are an existing client, or a business owner that would like to know more about us – please do let me know your thoughts.

On behalf of myself and all of our team, thanks for being part of our journey.

Gareth Salomon
Managing Director
Enhance Accountancy