We positively impact on the lives of business owners in the United Kingdom and less fortunate others all over the world

Business Owners

Others around the world


We are proud to be part of the ‘Get and Give a Million’ initiative.

The initiative allows us to tie in two of the most important things to us as a firm of chartered accountants.

1) Making life better for business owners (you) and their loved ones by finding ways to increase their profitability (along with other performance measure improvements) – this is the “Get a Million” part

2) Making a difference by supporting the UN Global Goals in order to make the world a better place – this is the “Give a Million” part

Making life better for business owners

Making life better for others around the world

As a firm, we have collectively chosen a number of the UN Global Goals that are important to us – as well as singling out specific charities that we feel are doing  excellent work.

Every time we produce a new business growth report or tax saving report for our clients, we also make an impact on someone’s life (through our donations).

Making a global impact…

B1G1 and the Get and Give a Million initiative allow us to “play a bigger game”.

This map shows where we have donated money to, so far.

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